Sunday, September 27, 2009

Chippy Update!

I almost forgot to post an update on Chippy. That tiny little creature was very resilient. When DD2 brought him to me I thought he was a goner. But he quickly perked up during the day. That evening, he would still let me pet him. By the next morning he was ready to go. Even though he was in a small container, I couldn't even touch him let alone pet him. And he was coming VERY close to jumping over the 15" sides. So, we had to let the cute little creature go. I took him outside and tipped the container over by some bushes. He hesitantly crawled up the side of the container and sat on the edge for a few seconds before scurrying off into the brush. Good luck, Chippy! Stay away from Chester!
And thank you Dad K for the pointers on how to care for Chippy! His favorite was apple slices! We love you and wish you lived closer so you could have come helped us!
After Fluffy and Chippy I think I'm getting prepared for a newcomer to our household...Will the newcomer have 4 legs or 2?? Bigger or smaller than a breadbox? Someone asked us at church today if we were going to adopt again...Are we ready to start on another 2-3 year journey? Some days I'm ready, some days I'm not. Lord, are you ready for us to embark on another adventure? Where will You lead us this time?

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