Saturday, May 26, 2012

March 2010 Layouts

And the last post for today, a couple of fun layouts from March 2010 about our daily life!

January 2010 Layouts

December 2009 Layouts

Christmas Morning:

My annual page for our family's Christmas picture and to keep those we receive from our friends and family. 

And a sweet picture of my girls from Christmas morning.  The heart and title were not made by me - I received them in swaps years ago. Sorry, don't remember who made them, but they worked out great on this page!

Youngest Daughter's Artwork - May 2009

I loved this picture my daughter drew so much I had to create a scrapbook page for it!

November 2009 Layouts

It's been awhile since I've posted my projects, but I'm still scrapping away.  I've actually "caught up" a couple of months so far in 2012 - rather than being 2.5 years behind it's getting closer to 2 years.   But I am behind on getting the pics of the layouts here! So this is a few of the layouts from November 2009.

Dazzles Cards

I realize I'm a bit behind the times, never one to be at the forefront of trends. At this point in my life I'm okay with that! I have received Paperwishes catalogs through the years and I know the Dazzles stickers are not a new item, they've caught my eye many times but I never purchased them - until now! I was so excited to get these! I had a lot of fun putting together these cards.  The stickers have holes so you stick them to paper or vellum and cut them out, then attach on top of another paper for a fancy result.  The cutting takes a LOT of patience and I had a little struggle getting the stickers not to distort when I stuck them, but overall I'm pretty pleased with the results! 

Resurrected Ribbons

I belong to the fantastic yahoo group "Friends that Scrap".  We have lots of fun chatting, working on games and challenges and PIFing! PIFing is short for Passing (or Paying) it Forward.  All of us scrappers have things in our stash that we bought with good intentions and never used.  We use PIFing to exchange these items for other supplies we are more likely to use.  We also use PIFing to receive items we can't buy locally or don't have the tools to create ourselves.  It's a LOT of fun! Anyway, I had several rolls of ribbon I hadn't used so I loaded them on the PIF board.  But after several months they never got snagged.  So, I figured it was time to put them to good use.  Below are some cards I made with three rolls of ribbon I resurrected from my PIF pile.  The orange/turquoise papers towards the bottom are from the BasicGrey Recess line. Most of the rest of the papers were scraps I had on hand.  I did not make the dragonfly deco - I received that in a swap years ago, unfortunately I don't remember who made it. Thanks for looking!