Monday, February 15, 2010

The Precious Babies

When I was staying with the boys in Haiti, the smallest and sickest babies were kept in the Guest House were we were dormed. These babies were able to receive extra care and attention. Many were so tiny and thin they broke my heart. I wanted to cuddle them all!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Translation: Earnie tak(es care) of pig.
DS2 wrote this on the refrigerator while Daddy was making dinner! At 4, I am SO PROUD of how well he's doing with his reading! Keep up the good work, Baby!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thinking Cap

Just got this layout done this evening while the kids were at Awanas. I took this picture of DS1 while we were in Haiti. Though it's a tad out of focus, I thought it turned out pretty cool. Looking at the picture now, it really got me thinking about how tough it must have been for the boys to go through so many drastic changes in their young lives. And hoping that God will give them the strength to trust and love despite the upheavals.

I used a layout by Lisa Dorsey in Memory Makers (Mar/Apr 09) as a template for this layout.

Homeschool Beginnings

I created this layout about two weeks ago, but then I caught a cold and was stuck in bed for several days and didn't get it uploaded. This is a picture of DS1 while we were in Haiti. Because he was 6 already and had received only minimal schooling (about an hour/week) - in Creole - I decided to make the best of our time and started doing homeschool kindergarten. Little did I know I would end up homeschooling all five of our kids! Within 9 weeks, he learned his colors, shapes, counting to 100, ABC's and their sounds, starting to write letters and numbers, and beginning to read single vowel words!! While a good part of it was due to him being a smart little boy, it also gave me some confidence that I could, just maybe, be my children's teacher!