Friday, September 25, 2009


Another four legged rescue has found its way into our home today. DD2 was relaxing in the sunroom today and saw that our cat was playing with a little chipmunk. So, of course she had to run out and save it! Next thing I know, our 1st grade/kindergarten class is interrupted with DD2 shouting excitedly through the window, "Look, Mom, he's so cute!" I could see a little furball in her hands.
I ran out to investigate and found a half-mauled baby chipmunk in her hands. I took him from her and found a shoe box and a wash cloth for him. I laid him down and thought he was surely a goner. I tried to warn the kids that he wasn't likely to make it. He just really wasn't moving any. There was only one external sign of trauma, a scratch on his face, but he was not acting well...
About 2 hours passes and all of a sudden the little thing really perked up. It looks like he might make it! We had to move him into a taller container; the big girls found a tall Tupperware container in the attic to (hopefully) keep him from escaping. We fed him acorns, apple slices, and a mushroom. The apple appears to be the favorite. Now we just have to decide how to best continue the rescue effort. If we put him back outside, the cat is sure to get another chance at him. If we leave him inside, Chiefie is gonna go nuts until he can get to it. And DH says we can't keep him....

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