Sunday, September 6, 2009

I always wanted a lap dog....

Two entries in one day!!! A definite record! I had two things I really wanted to post about tonight.
The background for this story is that animals somehow know that our house is safe and the apparently show up when they have nowhere else to go. Right now, with the loss of Kane, we are down to "only" five dogs, one cat, one fish, about 10 chickens, and a horse that boards here. The cat came with the house, and all of the dogs are rescues from one source or another. Several dogs and kittens have shown up mysteriously at our door over the years. So we always laugh and say there is a sign somewhere that reads "Krueger Animal Shelter" that only animals can read.
This evening, I was sitting inside working on some birthday cards and the kids were outside playing in the driveway with Daddy. The kids hollered out to me, "Come quick, Mom! There's a dog!" So, of course I run out the door to see what hound has arrived. Daddy is holding this little bundle of squirmy fuzz! I can't believe this little thing was wandering around the neighborhood. Not the kind of dog I'd leave outside, but who knows what people think. She has on a pretty pink collar but no tags. We walked around the neighborhood, but couldn't find her owner. So for tonight she's in a crate in the bathtub, crying to be let out. And DD1 and DD2 are crowded into a sleeping bag on the bathroom floor next to her. Tomorrow she gets a bath and house-training test - if we can't find her owner!! Anyone missing a frou-frou dog?? I'm hoping I will be broken from wanting a lap dog (this little thing is yippy and HYPER) by the time we find her home. We will find her home, right???

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