Sunday, February 19, 2012

July/August 2009 Layouts Recently Completed

Attempt at Bargain Hunting

So, I'm on this new coupon-hunting, sale-finding kick.  Trying to save some bucks.  I can always use the savings for more scrapping supplies, right?
So here's my attempts for this week:
Last night while we were out we stopped by Kroger - no special trip, almost on our route - to buy some 2L that were on sale.  They were supposed to be buy 4, get 2 free for a net price of $1 per bottle (Pepsi products).  I also had a coupon for 10% off any purchase.  Coupon expired yesterday, and yesterday was the last day of the sale.  And of course the shelves were EMPTY for the types of soda we wanted.  Rejected!
Try #2 - Staples had 5 products on sale - free after easy rebate.  Today was the first day of the sale and all the products were actually on the shelves. I paid for part of it with a printer cartridge reward so I'm not sure how that will work the rebates.  Best case scenario I've converted $4 of store credit to $4 cash & received 5 products free.  We'll see...haven't done the rebate forms yet...Worst case scenario we'll be making another trip to return some of these items.
Attempt #3 - Petsmart - Science diet food on sale.  Had a coupon for $8 off one cat food bag & $8 off one dog food bag.  Store would not accept coupons! They said they were Fake!! Yikes! That's aggravating! I did get to use a coupon for a free greenie and one for a free tiny little cup of cat food, but the $16 of coupons was REJECTED!
So - for the last 24 hours of bargain hunting we've we are 0 for 2 - with the verdict still out on the Staples purchases...Maybe we'll have better luck next time?  Otherwise this REALLY isn't worth my time digging for sales/coupon matches and even stopping by stores that are on our way to regular destinations!