Monday, October 26, 2009

Jitterbug Lessons

We went to PetSmart both Saturday & Sunday this weekend. Daddy was working National Guard so it was just me and the kids. Perfect time to "shop" for a new four-legged family member! Well, not really. On Saturday I found Jitterbug - an adorable, cuddly, trembling tiny little Chihuahua. I called Daddy and he said, "No way!" DD3 was in tears. DD1 & DD2 were begging, "Please Daddy" while the other PetSmart customers snickered at our antics. So, being the good wife, I decided I'd better have a cooling off period before I defied Hubby. Despite the unhappy children, I decided we'd go run to the vet's to get meds for two of our five dogs at home and I'd decide during the errand what to do about Jitterbug. On the way to the vets, I prayed, "Please God, I really want this little dog, but I don't want to go against DH. Please tell me what to do." We went to the vet's across town, and drove back to PetSmart. And of course, not an hour later, little Jitterbug was already gone...I'm so glad she found a home, but really wish it was with me!! Guess that answers my prayer... He's got something else in mind for me!
At one point, my sensitive little DD3 has a realization. She's almost in tears. "Mama, why are they taking all these dogs away from their mommies and daddies?" I quickly told her that these puppies didn't have any parents and they were at PetSmart to try and find a family. She asked why they didn't have any families. I explained that some ran away and couldn't find their way back home, and others had mean owners and had to be removed so they wouldn't be hurt anymore. Then others had families that loved them very much, but for some reason - like sickness or not enough money - they couldn't take care of their puppies anymore even though they loved them very much. So these families took them to the shelter where they'd be safe and hopefully find a new loving family. DS1's face lights up, "Like my Haiti family loved me and took me to the orphanage so that I could be safe!" And DD3 adds, "And like my China family, too!" Yes, dear ones, but you are so much more precious than any puppy...

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