Sunday, August 30, 2009


I'm so happy this project is finished!! The boys have been home just over a year and I was feeling pretty bad I hadn't tackled this yet. I had nearly 600 pictures covering the 26 months our boys were at Children of the Promise in Haiti - taken by volunteers, the Orphanage, or adoptive parents. I printed all the pictures, put them in chronological order (as best as I could), printed the email updates we received every couple months on 4x6 paper, created 4x6 dividers to mark each month, loaded the album and glued it all into place. The album had 500 4x6 openings, so I had to leave out some of the pictures, but I had quite a few near duplicates. It was a challenge to get the pictures organized in a pleasing manner as the direction of the pictures did not always line up with the 3 landscape/2 portrait layout of the album's pages. I was able to use lots of swap and PIF items for the monthly dividers which made the project go a lot quicker (like the adorable paper pieced bear boy on the first page). I am so happy to have this album put together for my boys!! Love you both! So glad you are finally home!
Next - to create an album covering the 9 weeks I was in Haiti with them waiting for the US Embassy to issue their Visas... Which means I need to get some more pictures ordered!
Maybe I'll make a few Christmas or Anniversary cards first!

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