Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Once Again, No Time for Scrapping...

A couple of months ago DH said it was time for all the clothes in the attic that were too small for our children to go. If we have any more children, we'll deal with clothing them when the time comes. It took me a couple weeks of 1/2 hour sessions (as that's all I could fit in at a time) to sort thru all the bins and organize them by size, and move the small sizes into an "outgoing" pile. I have about 7 bins of clothes that need to go. And that's after sending several bags of clothes to Goodwill. We tried having yard sales a couple times, but we weren't able to move much at all. So now I'm attempting Ebay. I have piles of clothes and envelopes everywhere. Trying to maximize my photographing skills to get the best pics. Learning all about estimating postage costs and devising shipping containers. So, if you know anyone who needs some little girl clothes, sizes 0-about 6/7, or any women's professional clothes in smaller sizes, send them to my Ebay listings: akcpa is my seller name. Or send me a comment if you are looking for something in particular! I would love for these piles to find a new home!
Besides, this will free up some room for new scrapping supplies, right??

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  1. Amy!
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    Amy J