Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kane's Slow Recovery

So Sunday we took Kane to the doggy ER. Monday we took him to our regular vet for a follow-up. He just really wasn't seeming to perk up. The vet offered him some food, and even though he hadn't eaten since Saturday evening, he wouldn't take any. The vet ran lots of blood work and did a thorough exam. Once the results were in, the diagnosis was pancreatitis. I am still convinced he was bloating Saturday evening. But no one seems to know the connection about which condition started his problems.
Anyway, he stayed at the vet's overnight Monday night for IV fluids and observation. No food to let his intestines rest. We came to check on him at lunch time to day to find that his IV was dislodged and the intravenous fluids were now subcutaneous - his entire leg was swelled from the fluids. From talking to the vet, apparently he had already pulled the IV out of the other leg earlier, so he's not being a good patient! The vet offered him a bite of canned food & he ate it!! So, since they were having trouble keeping him on an IV and he showed a little improvement by eating a bite, the vet guardedly allowed me to take him home with orders to bring him back if there was any vomiting.
So far, so good! I think he's happy to be home, and we're happy to have him here with us. Hopefully we will be able to nurse him back to health, and avoid any future relapses.

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