Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kane the Dane

We have a Great Dane named Kane. He's our second Dane. We lost our first one after recurring bloat complications. This weekend Kane started experiencing bloat symptoms. When he survived the night, we thought he might make it thru, but he just didn't stop vomiting foam. So, we took him to the emergency vet's. Because he survived so long (24 hrs) after onset, it appears he may have the bloat buildup of gases in his tummy, without the twisted intestines. The vet started him on an IV and gave him an anti-vomiting injection. Shortly thereafter he started acting real fidgety and lost ability to stand. Appears it is some strange reaction to the injection, so now we are waiting it out. Seems like he's in worse shape than when we got to the vets....It's gonna be a long night. Especially for Kane.

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