Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Couponing and Recycling

I've been watching sales and doing coupon match ups for about a month now. Things are getting serious! I had to clean out a cupboard in our laundry room (we didn't really need 25 backpacks for 4 home schooled kids!) for our stockpile of groceries. Almost daily I'm watching the web trying to make sure I printed out all the important coupons. It stinks when you read about a great deal with a sales price but don't have the coupon to go with it! My little photo holder that I re-purposed years ago to hold my coupons was busting at the seams. I needed better coupon storage. I looked around online and initially thought I'd use baseball card storage sleeves in a 3-ring binder. But I hesitated because a) buying the sleeves costs money, b) I'd have to wait for them to come it and I was ready to tackle the project NOW, and c) I'd have to fold the coupons or they'd hang out of the pockets. With a little more digging online I saw the suggestion of using a 5x7 file card box. Which got me thinking...I went to our trusty storage closet to see what I had stashed away. I found a children's shoe box, likely been around for 10+ years - perfect size for coupon storage. Next stop - fire place kindling pile. I grabbed a bunch of cereal boxes & cut out pieces for dividers. And wa-la! FREE coupon storage. So far it's working out great! And the price is right in line with the purpose!

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