Sunday, April 4, 2010

Welcome to the CGW

The last 12 months have been tough.  First Kane got cancer and we had to put him down. Then the three outside dogs escaped from our fenced in yard and we were never able to find Pumpkin.  Then our mouser, Chess, got cancer and had to be put down.  And through all this our two indoor dogs, Chief and Cleo, continue to age.  I hate watching them get slower, less playful.  Chiefie's getting deaf & blind and his heart problems are making him cough all the time.  Then there's Cleo who's wasting away from chronic diarrhea.  And as the days go by they seem to slow visibly.  A month or so ago Chief and Cleo got into a fight over food (Cleo's prednisone was likely a contributing factor).  Now, we never know from meal to meal if either of them will eat - often one of us has to hold the bowl or even handfeed in order to coax them to eat.  This picture is of our weekly ritual of getting all their meds into the divided container for ease at feeding time.  Since then Cleo has added two more meds, one by injection.  It's so hard going thru the grieving process day by day, while they linger by our side...Welcome to the Canine Geriatric Ward.  We thank God for our time with each of our four-legged family members, and pray for guidance and strength in coping with our dwindling time with them.

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