Saturday, April 10, 2010

Introducing Curious George & Boots

Since we lost Chess we needed a new outside cat to help keep down the rodent population in the barns. Do these look like good mousers?  They were born on March 4th and recently weaned.  We're going to try to keep them on the porch until they get a little bigger so they will be better able to defend themselves from dogs and other animals.  I said I didn't a litter box in the house, and of course on night #1 they are sleeping in the laundry room (with the litterbox available inside of course). 
We also saw Greyhound Galore's Eli again today and met a new dog, Merc at the Tractor Supply annual adoption day...Seems that these little kittens might not be our only new additions this spring/summer.  If only I could find my cuddly little lap dog!

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