Thursday, July 9, 2009

Do you ever have "one of those weeks"???

So Monday evening DD2 and DD3 are in bed reading and a light bulb in their ceiling fan exploded all over them. Everyone was fine, thankfully, but there was a big mess to clean up very carefully.
Then having to say goodbye to Kane on Tuesday...

Then Wednesday I had to deal with some water in the basement and being unable to figure out where it came from...

Which puts us at Thursday. It started off pretty well. We saw a pair of fawns on the way to Michael's. They were so pretty! But of course we needed a little challenge for the day. We went outside to play and chores this afternoon and found a possum in the chicken coop!! How'd he get in there??? And how to get him out?? I was hoping he'd play dead and I could just scoop him up with a shovel and get him out, but he didn't want to play my way. He bared his teeth at me. I think we were both terrified of the other. Me crouching in the coop with no way to get out quickly, him with some lady coming at him with a shovel! I stuck with the original plan, and with a little finagling I was able to scoop him up on the shovel long enough to get him out of the coop. He hopped off the shovel and ran under the horse barn...And the day's not over yet!

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  1. UGLY!!! This is one animal I don't like!!:-) Tell us what the kids were doing while you were trying to figure out how to "remove" him from the chicken coop!