Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dulce :(

About 2 months ago, DH and I (and Felix my Chihuahua) were taking a walk through a nearby neighborhood.  About 1/3 of the way through the walk a cat starts to follow us.  For some reason, cats love Felix, so it isn't odd for a cat to come check him out along our walks.  That day, though, the cat followed us the entire way home.  When we got home we realized that the cat was in poor health, but we were unable to identify any cause.  He had a broken tail & a large gash on his stomach that was scabbed over. (The vet later guessed that he was likely under a car to stay warm and when it was started, got injured by the fan.) He immediately claimed our house and family as his own.  Because of his long hair and markings that looked like lipstick we all assumed he was a she!  And with his sweet demeanor we called him Dulce - which means candy or sweets in Spanish.  He was very sweet to us, but Curious George and Boots were very jealous about the intruder. Anytime I went outside to walk Felix, Dulce would run up to greet me. Unfortunately Dulce was not very cautious about traffic, and street has plenty of it.  Several times when we took a walk he'd try to follow us and ran out in front of cars.  Yesterday, when Daddy was leaving for work, he noticed a car avoiding an object in the road.  It was Dulce.  He had been previously hit by a car, and was already dead. 
Our time with him was short, but sweet.  We're thankful we got to know you. I wish we could have protected you. We'll miss you.

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