Thursday, March 11, 2010

Goodbye, Chess

You were such a good cat, Chess! We're gonna miss you!

I came home from taking the kids to the dentist and found Chess, nearly lifeless in the front yard. We knew he'd lost some weight, but didn't anticipate such a drastic decline in his health. We took him to our awesome vet, who suggested that he was likely suffering from intestinal cancerous tumors. He was suffering so badly, we decided to let him go peacefully. Chess was a great cat. He "came with our house" and he took up with our family right away. He lived outside and helped control the mice and rats that invade the horse barn and chicken coop. Despite being an outside pet he was so sweet and social. He'd sit in your lap for some petting, purring away and drooling once he got really comfortable. He would often come running when he saw us pull into the driveway - often making a leisurely prance up the driveway in front of our car! We'll miss you boy!

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