Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Homeschool Beginnings

I created this layout about two weeks ago, but then I caught a cold and was stuck in bed for several days and didn't get it uploaded. This is a picture of DS1 while we were in Haiti. Because he was 6 already and had received only minimal schooling (about an hour/week) - in Creole - I decided to make the best of our time and started doing homeschool kindergarten. Little did I know I would end up homeschooling all five of our kids! Within 9 weeks, he learned his colors, shapes, counting to 100, ABC's and their sounds, starting to write letters and numbers, and beginning to read single vowel words!! While a good part of it was due to him being a smart little boy, it also gave me some confidence that I could, just maybe, be my children's teacher!

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