Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

Okay, does obsessive compulsive disorder effect one's ability to quit playing Internet games?? I have done NO scrapbooking or cardmaking lately - I'm addicted to Facebook Gem Swap II. And it's not like I'm very good. And then I started playing Facebook Farmville...Agh!! I can't stop! The mind numbing is so relaxing!! With all the chaos around here it is so nice to veg out! Hoping I can get the creative juices flowing for some new projects for 2010. It doesn't help that my current scrapping project is high pressure - doing the book for my 9 weeks in Haiti. As it is my boys' "Life Book" I feel so much pressure to do a good job and then I just keep pushing it off...
Such is life. Procrastination at it's best.
Anyone read Screwtape Letters? Am I being sidetracked with the inane game playing??

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