Thursday, November 12, 2009

Good News, Bad News

The good news is we finally got back DD2's lab work. She has a strep infection. No sore throat, fever or any other symptoms, though. The doctor is hopeful that a round of antibiotics will do the trick. We will pray that the solution is so easy.
The bad news is that our three outside dogs broke out of our fence Monday morning. It rained all day Monday and most of Tuesday, so we were not able to do much effective dog-hunting until Tuesday evening. DH had Veteran's day off, so we spent hours yesterday looking, but after three days, they could have traveled pretty far. We have checked the two local animal shelters without any luck. I just can't believe we didn't find any of them. M has back leg troubles, and really can't walk all that far. O & P are so skittish, they are likely hiding somewhere or dodging any human contact. I don't know if they would have all stuck together or if they would have split up by now. Praying we can get them home safely...

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